We offer a full line of custom services for companies of all sizes. PPS delivers high-quality service for packaging, assembly, sewing and more.

Use these categories as a starting point to discover how our skilled employees and flexible facilities can add value to your short- or long-term production challenge.

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•  Mechanical Assembly

Single- and multi-step assembly of mechanical and electrical products and components using precision tooling and strict quality control.

•  Wrapping and packaging

Packaging, repackaging, stretch wrapping and palletizing of OEM and private label products.

•  Sewing and Fabrication

Highly skilled, experienced production of large quantities with heavy-duty, industrial grade fabrics and materials.

•  Cutting and Finishing

Cutting and finishing of hose, tubing, wire and other bulk materials.

•  Bindery and Collating

Folding, assembling, binding, gluing and finishing of printed materials.

•  Marking and Identification

Includes labeling, bar coding, serialization and repackaging/relabeling solutions.

•  Rework and Salvage

Reduce costs by limiting scrap and waste of products and assemblies due to errors, omissions and over production.

•  Shipping and Tracking

Efficient, fully computerized record keeping for receiving,tracking and shipping.


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